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the importance of translation

The Importance of Translation

The importance of translation

The term translation or translate is not familiar to all people, and many are unaware of the difference between translation and interpretation. The first thing that comes to mind about a translator or interpreter is that they are also the speaker of another language. It is important to understand what translation is and its significance. The profession of translator has been exercised since the times of Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. In this blog I want to talk about what is the use of this ancient activity, and how it benefits us.

For instance, Imagine that:

  1. You want to study in another country and you need to submit your qualifications to an institution. You will need the services of a translator.
  2. Part of a translator’s job is to translate legal documents that will help you study or work in other countries.
  3. Translators also translate books in other languages.
  4. Websites needs to localized in various different regional and international languages to make sure the consumer group is able to understand and connect with your service you have to break the language barrier.
  5. Regarding politics, translators have an essential role in the drafting of international treaties; they don’t just pass texts from one language to another.
  6. In this same sense, the interpreters, in addition to facilitating understanding between speakers, work as guides for presidents and prime ministers who avoid misunderstandings and cultural blunders.
  7. Translators are very necessary for the globalized culture in which we live.

Today, translation is practically present in a variety of forms in our environment. From movies, web pages, songs and books we have all been exposed to some type of translated material. However, we do not realize the importance of translation in our lives and in the development of culture.

What is translation and Significance of translation?

Translation is the act of changing the language in which the document was written (source language ) to equivalent text in the language that is needed (target language). When a document is translated, it does not mean that it will be literally translated word for word. If it is translated word for word, the final text will not make sense. It is important to translate with the meaning that the original writer wanted to give it. Moreover, every language is different and that’s why the literal translation doesn’t work in this case.

Translation is about adapting a statement from one language to another, so that the final message becomes the desired result. Many people confuse the word translate with interpret. Translation is done in a text or documents. Interpretation is oral translation. The two words should not be confused, the skills required for each are very different.

It is not just about translating a text, it takes the skill of a good professional to adapt it to the language, uses and customs. Which sometimes involves conversions of measurements, currencies, addresses, and culturally appropriate proverbs and sayings. This is the only way to convey the intended message of the original text. It must be remembered that mastering different languages is not synonymous with being able to make good translations, it is necessary to have a great wealth of language, as well as the ability to write fluently and with absolute grammatical and spelling accuracy.

Machine translation

It is important to note that there are now many machine translators online like google translator. Computers translate directly from one language to another. Due to the complexity of the language, this task becomes quite difficult.

In the past, computer science pioneers wanted to figure out how to break a code in a computer language. Because of this they had a lot of problems because the language has quite different rules. Computers translate word for word and do not consider other factors that concern language. Certainly, with this the meaning of the text is lost.

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We are living in the digital age and this has allowed us to globalize all aspects of life. That is why, it is necessary to have people capable of understanding two languages and transmitting ideas clearly.

Translators must be like an invisible link capable of connecting the realities of two different cultures. The professional translator who does a good job is the one who is capable of adapting a message that is expressed in the source language to a target language that is full of a totally different culture. The difficult thing about this is that the professional must be able to make the receiver of the new message not recognize that this message is translated. We can say that a good translator is the one who can remain invisible in the eyes of the reader. This will perceive the text as original, not as a text that has undergone a transformation process.

The media have played a very important role in the growth of this profession, since many contents go viral to the point of crossing the geographical or cultural limits of our planet. As this happens frequently, it is essential to translate them so that everyone can understand the message. Translation is found in the environment in which we live.

  • We can find it in the books we read,
  • in the TV series we watch
  • and even in the instructions for a new electronic device.
  • Similarly, Many more;

For these reasons, there is no doubt that translation is very important and therefore that it forms part of our lives.

So why is translation important?

First, in our daily life, it allows us to solve problems that arise from not knowing other languages. For example, we buy a new computer and we want to know how it works by reading the owner’s manual, if it were in a language, we know little or nothing about, it would be impossible to know what the manual says and therefore how we use it. computer would not be suitable. Translations allow us to understand texts in other languages and thus, we can solve problems as simple as learning to use a device or carry out an activity by reading instructions. Second, translations of the texts into other languages help communicate knowledge globally. Without translators it would be impossible for us to know all the information we have both on the internet and in books and magazines. The discoveries of many of the things we use were made on the other side of the planet and in countries where they speak another language. Through translations we can know what the contributions of these people are in our own language with the possibility of accepting or rejecting what they say.

Third, in the literary sphere, translation allows us to discover many works that were unknown to the reading public. Many works are completely unknown to some people and once they are translated, they become books with great sales. For example, novels like Twilight and Harry Potter. In conclusion, translation has made our lives easier and therfore has allowed the world to become smaller. Above all, It brings people living in different countries together. Translators have been around throughout history so that governments and nations can communicate with ease.

I need a translation service

Now you know how important translation is in a world where news, thoughts, and culture are constantly being shared. But how can we make the most of the vast opportunities that translation brings?

Fortunately, there are numerous translators and professional translation agencies ready to provide you with the best translation services. Whether it’s a birth certificate or new software to be localized into multiple languages, a language service provider like WinsLoc Translation Services can help you break down language barriers by providing high-quality translations appropriate to your culture.

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