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Our story

WingsLoc has been serving clients for more than 11 years with robust translation, localization, transcription, voice-over, and subtitling services. We are a dedicated team to providing human translation, localization, transcription, voice-over, and subtitling services. Our company’s primary goal is to provide the highest-quality, cost-effective language services to our customers. We don’t just translate a client’s website into a different language, we manage the process from start to finish while constantly going above and beyond our client’s expectations for quality and service while ensuring that their brand personality remains consistent across every aspect. For us, ‘High Quality’ is the keyword, which guides us to constantly improve our processes and add value for our clients.

Our vision

Help clients succeed on global markets by providing them with the best possible language services.

Our team mainly focus on the following areas:
Productivity and efficiency: We seek to optimize our procedures in all areas on a daily basis so we can save time and maintain the highest level of customer service.
Quality: We are committed to offering a high quality, reliable service.
Language solutions: tailored to our customers’ specific needs.
Employees: Our quality effective teamwork in the best environment.
Customers: We strive to provide a quality and efficient service for our clients.
Internationalization: position ourselves in the largest number of cities worldwide.

Our mission

The mission of WingsLoc Translation is to provide solutions that are dependable, flexible and reliable which will act as the facilitator in the success of your business operations. Our goal is to gain customer satisfaction by providing high-quality linguistic services for our clients.

What we offer

  • Quality procedures
  • Fast and efficiency
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Cost per project adapted to our customers’ needs, regardless of their size

We are dedicated to providing our customers with quality, reliability, efficiency, commitment, professionalism, and technology. We also strive to provide our employees with optimum conditions for their professional development.

Our values

We care about the best quality services possible in order to maximize your online success! We promise to provide value and care throughout each process in order to guarantee you the best experience you deserve.

Professionalism – Our whole team is extremely professional. Members of staff aim to provide a top quality level in line with their skills regarding the tasks assigned. And we have native translators with extensive experience and defined areas of expertise.

Loyalty – Our reputation is our most valuable currency. That’s why we take it seriously and have strict controls regarding authorized communication among WingsLoc staff, vendors, and clients.

Open-mindedness – We’re an open-minded bunch. We know it takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds to make our company succeed. We encourage healthy debate and support differences of opinion.

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